Thank you for attending and supporting the LID-SAFDF Spring Festival 2021 collaboration!
A fantastic time of music, dance, culture corners and more!

If you donated for a specific material package, we have received your information and are processing your order. You may expect delivery by March 31.

Teaching by world-renowned dance teachers:

+ Performances + Live music + Dance parties

We warmly and gratefully welcome your donations to support our event! You have many options:

1) Donate $25 and we will share the teaching materials — video, music, and/or dance notes — for one Spring Festival teacher of your choice!

Choose your teacher: :

2) Donate $50 and we will share the teaching materials for the three LID-hosted teachers — Caspar, Roberto, and Genci — with you!

3) Donate $75 and we will share the teaching materials for the five Sa Antonio-hosted teachers — Franklin, Jaap, Bata, Lee, and Andy — with you!

4) Donate $100 and we will share the teaching materials for all teachers with you!

We thank you for joining us in our first-ever virtual festival. Please consider donating so that we can continue to offer stellar festivals and teachers in the future. Your generosity helps offset the losses that occurred during the pandemic as well as covering the many costs associated with a virtual event. Spring Festival is sponsored by Heritage Festivals of San Antonio, a 501(c)3 nonprofit, so donations are tax deductible. Any amount is appreciated.

Spring Festival has put together some packages of materials for your convenience, and/or an option to choose an individual teacher.

$100 donation will provide you the best option for everything Spring Festival has to offer!

Not interested in any materials? No problem! Consider making a tax-deductible donation of any amount of your choosing as we celebrate Spring together!

Thank you for attending Spring Festival!